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Dive into the journey of bringing our ideas into existence


We promise transparency in the world of jewelry because we believe you deserve to know how your favorite pieces came to life. Agapée offers a balance between luxury, fair prices, and sustainability.
A peek into our creative process, raw and unedited; here’s our time in the studio.



The inspiration process comes at the most unusual of places, and it is unique every time, just like our jewelry. Wandering across museums, peeking at private collections, admiring paintings, and attending auctions. Ancient art is the foundation of the Agapée creations, while numerous stories and designs from this period are the building blocks.
The texture and composition are aimed to give the impression of a treasure found in an archeological excavation. The combination of the past and the present in our artwork share its significance and story to tell.
As an example, when creating our Alba necklace, a nimbus seen on paintings in one Parisian museum was the primary source of inspiration.



Once the inspiration has given life to our imagination, we stream the ideas through 3D modeling.
Working alongside experts specialized in Ancient pieces, our creative team uses their most refined skills and techniques to materialize all components. Through their unique ‘savoir-faire,’ they reproduce the subtlety and delicacy that define Ancient history artwork.
Going through many iterations, our jewel sculptors, who we consider to be Ancient History Architects, can take up to several months to design the right prototype for some pieces of jewelry.
Why so long? Well, to extract the very best from the external parts like closures, setting the zircons or stones right, the welding process, and checking resistance and quality, we sometimes need the extra time. After all, Agapée is all about long-lasting luxury, so we never rush the process.



In the production process, we melt or cast the pieces and then galvanize them. First, we mold each piece with a brass base. We know how vital your skin's health is, so we source our noble materials from a trusted supplier with a guarantee of being nickel and lead-free, thus non-allergenic.
Once the model is finished, the gilding technique is done through multiple steps before reaching its perfect state. First, each piece is cleaned using ultrasound. Washed and degreased, the jewelry is now ready to receive its noble treatment with gold. The galvanization process adapts to every single surface and therefore ensures the longevity of our elements. To give the copper its consistency, all jewelry is immersed in an alkaline tube. A three-micron gold layer then covers the surface. This gives their unique gold-plated color, their water-resistant finish, and the shine that lasts forever.
As a result of our high-quality work, we confidently offer a two-year warranty against oxidation and gilding defects for our entire line of jewelry. You can buy with the assurance that you will fully enjoy and appreciate the true worth of our pieces.



After each produced batch, we carefully inspect our jewelry to ensure you get the utmost quality from all aspects of the final product.
At Agapée, nothing is left to chance. Just as we care for the quality and purpose of our jewelry, we care about what you do with it when not wearing it. So, we pack all our items in a mix of cotton and linen pouch you can use as a little purse, a jewelry case, or even a small bag to store valuable objects. Just as all our jewelry is kind to Mother Earth, our packaging is eco-friendly too.
When not wearing your Agapée elements, you can safely store them in the pouch to prevent them from entangling or being affected by external factors.
PRO TIP: To keep your necklaces or bracelets from entangling, store them in the pouch with their ends peeking outside. Jewelry twists from the ends, so keeping them separated prevents it.



After months of research, modeling, and molding, and doing everything in-house, we’re proud of our ‘savoir-faire’ that brings an inimitable style and unique ancient feeling to our jewelry while remaining very modern and chic.
Agapée jewelry stands out because it can adapt to your vibe and subtly uplift your style while complementing it.
And because we always go the extra mile, you will find that upon opening, your Agapée pouch is a perfumed sensation of a scent layered in tones that will speak to each one of you in a unique way.
Among the many essences and spices blended carefully in a local Parisian studio, our perfume has a bamboo & bergamot tone with a fruity whiff of fig, layered on a base of musk.
Truly a sensation that will make you open your Agapée pouch over and over again to experience it once more.