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Our Story


When we decided to follow our passion for creation, we knew we wanted to create an authentic jewelry brand that offers a meaningful story behind each piece.

And this is how Agapée was born. Founded in Paris in October 2019, its name comes from the ancient Greek meaning "divine and unconditional love," representing everything we stand for: kindness, love, and friendship.

Under the influence of the French city's eternal elegance, our atelier produces high-quality but fairly-priced jewelry inspired by the ancient culture with a modern twist.


Looking like taken straight out of the archeological excavation, our ornaments harmoniously connect the esthetics of the past times and culture into today's sophistication and delicacy of design. All with the aim to subtly enhance your style.

Each piece draws inspiration from a different Ancient Civilization ornament, object, or painting, giving the impression of wearing unique and meaningful jewelry with a compelling story behind it.


But streaming all our creativity into avant-garde jewelry wasn't enough. From years working for some of the most prominent fashion and jewelry brands, we could detect what we feel people need: transparency. A savoir-faire that gives you, our loyal clientele, the insight into the jewelry-making process that you deserve.

We have set our mission and life goal to give complete clarity into everything going on behind the scenes. Starting with the full creation process from just an idea in our heads to 3D modeling and handcrafting to carefully packing in a mix of cotton and linen pouches and shipping it to your doorstep.

All our creation steps can be traced and tracked right here.

Our second goal is to create luxury without taking a toll on our precious Mother Nature.

We believe there is enough gold, gemstones, and metals already produced on our fragile planet. Instead of creating more for our opulent and minimalist-yet-extravagant pieces of jewelry, we source our gold from sustainable, recycled batches of gold that do not take away the lavish look but are kind to our Planet Earth.

Relishing in elegance with a clear consciousness, without the damaging effects. Who wouldn’t want that?


You get the same luscious pieces that make your style stand out with peace of mind that extravaganza can be indulged in without the excess.

Buy with ease, knowing that we take utmost care to protect your privacy; we include high-standard worldwide shipping and easy returns.

Get to know more about Agapée here.