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Anatole BraceletAnatole Bracelet
Anatole Bracelet Sale price€36,00 EUR
Ariane EarringsAriane Earrings
Ariane Earrings Sale price€32,00 EUR
Zéphir RingZéphir Ring
Zéphir Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Zyna EarringsZyna Earrings
Zyna Earrings Sale price€32,00 EUR
Cléo RingCléo Ring
Cléo Ring Sale price€30,00 EUR
Elena EarringsElena Earrings
Elena Earrings Sale price€30,00 EUR
Agapé Studio Zita Ring jewelry goldZita Ring
Zita Ring Sale price€36,00 EUR
Lalo Ear CuffLalo Ear Cuff
Lalo Ear Cuff Sale price€24,00 EUR
Zynala EarringsZynala Earrings
Zynala Earrings Sale price€36,00 EUR
Anatole II RingAnatole II Ring
Anatole II Ring Sale price€34,00 EUR
Inaya EarringsInaya Earrings
Inaya Earrings Sale price€32,00 EUR
Letter CharmLetter Charm
Letter Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Aristide RingAristide Ring
Aristide Ring Sale price€36,00 EUR
Charm NecklaceCharm Necklace
Charm Necklace Sale price€34,00 EUR
Birthstone CharmBirthstone Charm
Birthstone Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Paolina RingPaolina Ring
Paolina Ring Sale price€34,00 EUR
Talaia Ear CuffTalaia Ear Cuff
Talaia Ear Cuff Sale price€28,00 EUR
Diha EarringsDiha Earrings
Diha Earrings Sale price€28,00 EUR
Medusa RingMedusa Ring
Medusa Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Orea EarcuffOrea Earcuff
Orea Earcuff Sale price€26,00 EUR
Roméo BraceletRoméo Bracelet
Roméo Bracelet Sale price€34,00 EUR
Sold out Roméo EarringsRoméo Earrings
Roméo Earrings Sale price€32,00 EUR
Laurea Ear CuffLaurea Ear Cuff
Laurea Ear Cuff Sale price€28,00 EUR
Gracea Green EarringsGracea Green Earrings
Gracea Green Earrings Sale price€38,00 EUR
Zodiac CharmZodiac Charm
Zodiac Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Mirada Ear CuffMirada Ear Cuff
Mirada Ear Cuff Sale price€24,00 EUR
Lysia Green CharmLysia Green Charm
Lysia Green Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Lysia Azure CharmLysia Azure Charm
Lysia Azure Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Cirà BraceletCirà Bracelet
Cirà Bracelet Sale price€36,00 EUR
Lysia Turquoise CharmLysia Turquoise Charm
Lysia Turquoise Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Cala CharmCala Charm
Cala Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Loulo BraceletLoulo Bracelet
Loulo Bracelet Sale price€28,00 EUR
Sold out Delia PiercingDelia Piercing
Delia Piercing Sale price€28,00 EUR
Zéphir Silver RingZéphir Silver Ring
Zéphir Silver Ring Sale price€34,00 EUR
Léonor EarringsLéonor Earrings
Léonor Earrings Sale price€34,00 EUR
Sold out Tortis Mini EarringsTortis Mini Earrings
Tortis Mini Earrings Sale price€38,00 EUR
Sold out Catiya EarringsCatiya Earrings
Catiya Earrings Sale price€28,00 EUR
Thalia RingThalia Ring
Thalia Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Luna Silver EarringsLuna Silver Earrings
Luna Silver Earrings Sale price€38,00 EUR
Sold out phileas-bracelet-agape-jewelry-gold-studioPhiléas Bracelet
Philéas Bracelet Sale price€36,00 EUR
Miva Honey CharmMiva Honey Charm
Miva Honey Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Sold out Luna CharmLuna Charm
Luna Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Scarab CharmScarab Charm
Scarab Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Jewelry boxJewelry box
Jewelry box Sale price€25,00 EUR
Molì CharmMolì Charm
Molì Charm Sale priceFrom €36,00 EUR
Sold out Estée CharmEstée Charm
Estée Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Mara CharmMara Charm
Mara Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Mati CharmMati Charm
Mati Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Bellina RingBellina Ring
Bellina Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Medici RingMedici Ring
Medici Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Sold out Ariane Silver EarringsAriane Silver Earrings
Ariane Silver Earrings Sale price€28,00 EUR
Charm BraceletCharm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet Sale price€26,00 EUR
Catiya RingCatiya Ring
Catiya Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Sold out Illa CharmIlla Charm
Illa Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Talaia Silver Ear CuffTalaia Silver Ear Cuff
Talaia Silver Ear Cuff Sale price€26,00 EUR
Sold out Isis CharmIsis Charm
Isis Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Nola CharmNola Charm
Nola Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Catea CharmCatea Charm
Catea Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Mino EarringsMino Earrings
Mino Earrings Sale price€32,00 EUR
Padma CharmPadma Charm
Padma Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Joanna CharmJoanna Charm
Joanna Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Luzón CharmLuzón Charm
Luzón Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Estela CharmEstela Charm
Estela Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Anatole Silver BraceletAnatole Silver Bracelet
Anatole Silver Bracelet Sale price€32,00 EUR
Cálida CharmCálida Charm
Cálida Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Sold out Naia CharmNaia Charm
Naia Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Sold out Ava CharmAva Charm
Ava Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Sold out Calixta CharmCalixta Charm
Calixta Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Estée RingEstée Ring
Estée Ring Sale price€28,00 EUR
Calvià CharmCalvià Charm
Calvià Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Alissé Ear CuffAlissé Ear Cuff
Alissé Ear Cuff Sale price€26,00 EUR
Zetita RingZetita Ring
Zetita Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Felicita CharmFelicita Charm
Felicita Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Talaia Stud EarringsTalaia Stud Earrings
Talaia Stud Earrings Sale price€38,00 EUR
Kléa CharmKléa Charm
Kléa Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Satis RingSatis Ring
Satis Ring Sale price€38,00 EUR
Agapée deck of cards
Agapée deck of cards Sale price€0,00 EUR