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>>The Episcopalian comity for mass media had honored, on the occasion of the thirty second universal day of media, the Agapee choir, represented by its president Kamal SAIKALY, on the stage of the convent of Sisters of the Holy Cross – Bkinnaya. This letter of appreciation was handled in the presence of a number of political, social and spiritual personalities.
>> The choir is not only present at the Holy mass, on all official occasions, but it participates in gatherings and prayers. We also took part in May 1997 in celebrating the visit of the Pope John Paul II to Lebanon, by performing spiritual songs at the Basilica of Our Lady – Harissa.
>> Of our major activities in 1998, the participation in the beatification of Father Hardini, performing hymns and prayers in Kfifan and Beit Kassab on the second and the third of May 1998, in addition to many concerts in different areas in Lebanon. We also produced tape records containing spiritual songs recorded in our Church.


>>The Agapee holds members from all Lebanese regions, and each Christian denomination gathered in the shade of \the Church.
>> The Choir is divided into four groups according to the members’ voices, supervised by comities and administrative body that had prepared a compulsory inner regulation to settle the relations between the members, in any way to strengthen the spirit of commitment and discipline, and to preserve the continuity of the Choir.
>> The main purpose which stands behind forming the Agapee choir is supporting the Catholic church, and promulgating Christian spiritual songs to extol the spirit of openness towards others in every available way. Of our major targets: using love, faith and coexistence, we defuse the Spirit of the Lord and the sense of Unity.


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